Client Testimonials

  1. “Firstly I would like to say that this personally this was the most rewarding aspect of the course. Initially I was skeptical as to my need to attend counselling but after my first introduction I knew it would be a worthwhile experience. The online method of interaction was perfect given my hectic work schedule and I greatly appreciated Barbara’s flexibility. Given the fact I was forced to schedule session during work hours this also highlighted the challenges I will face in work while attempting to interact with a client. It also gave me the experience of having to disengage from work and engage fully in the process, quite often while there were still work issues pressing on my mind. I felt there was no issue with the use of the technology and I don’t feel my experience would have been any better or worse had these sessions been held together in a room. I believe it was more beneficial for me to start the counselling sessions after first commencing the counselling placement as I had a greater appreciation for the process. I would recommend online counselling to anyone and I would highly recommend Barbara for her warmth, understanding and flexibility.” Kind regards, Steve
    Stephen Connolly
  2. "What a pleasant and rewarding experience. For me it did not matter that we were not physically in the same room, fundamentally I liked Barbara from the start, and she was warm. I felt we built good rapport. She was interested in me and she gently challenged me to learn more about how I feel about things. It is true, the relationship was the key not the mode of communication. Barbara always held the sessions in the same on-line location (same background) and this on reflection was good to have. I got a sense of consistency and familiarity and this gave me confidence it was a space reserved for her work and private. Barbara asked me how I felt about things not just what I was thinking and that challenged me. I think if the relationship was not good it would not matter that we were doing this on-line. The relationship would have been a barrier not the on-line aspect of things. I felt listened to and therefore we were both very much present in the sessions. I was never distracted by anything else in the room I was so focussed on the screen that I forgot we were not in the room together. I felt comfortable in my own surroundings. To put this in context I have no previous experience either face to face or on-line counselling to compare this with but the process and experience of working on-line was positive. Not having to leave the house spend time travelling for appointments appealed to me with a busy family and work life. It was smooth to book appointments and make payments and use the technology, sometimes my internet connection was poor but overall did not impact on the sessions. It was interesting because I was at home I felt I had more control over the sessions pace, direction and even though I know this is the role of the counsellor to empower and let the client set the pace I believe this was enhanced by being in my own home. Felt like equal partners both in our own space but sharing a relationship." Pam Callanan 12t h June, 2017
    Pam Callanan
  3. "I first decided to conduct my personal counselling through Skype because of its convenience. The thoughts of just opening the laptop and having a session, regardless of my location, really appealed to me. Initially, I was curious and slightly apprehensive with regards to the effectiveness of conducting counselling in this manner, however, I soon realized that the effectiveness of the sessions was never in question. I found Barbara to be engaging, witty, extremely professional and very sincere in her approach. The fact that we never met had no impact on our relationship and I thoroughly enjoyed my ten sessions with Barbara. I am not sure if counselling through this medium is for everyone, but it certainly suited my needs and I could see others finding it equally as effective. I would strongly recommend the service Barbara provides."
    Michael Campbell
  4. "I cannot recommend Barbara highly enough. I found the experience to be enriching and rewarding and the use of the internet as a medium of communication posed no barrier to fruitful work being completed."
    Niamh O’Connor