Counsellor and Career Coach




I would recommend online counselling to anyone and I would highly recommend Barbara for her warmth, understanding and flexibility.
— Stephen Connolly
I found Barbara to be engaging, witty, extremely professional and very sincere in her approach. The fact that we never met had no impact on our relationship and I thoroughly enjoyed my ten sessions with Barbara.
I am not sure if counselling through this medium is for everyone, but it certainly suited my needs and I could see others finding it equally as effective. I would strongly recommend the service Barbara provides.
— Michael Campbell
I cannot recommend Barbara highly enough. I found the experience to be enriching and rewarding and the use of the internet as a medium of communication posed no barrier to fruitful work being completed.
— Niamh O’Connor
What a pleasant and rewarding experience. For me it did not matter that we were not physically in the same room, fundamentally I liked Barbara from the start, and she was warm. I felt we built good rapport. She was interested in me and she gently challenged me to learn more about how I feel about things. It is true, the relationship was the key not the mode of communication.
It was interesting because I was at home I felt I had more control over the sessions pace, direction and even though I know this is the role of the counsellor to empower and let the client set the pace I believe this was enhanced by being in my own home. Felt like equal partners both in our own space but sharing a relationship.
— Pam Callanan